Our Human Resources Policy

For Baymel Kimya, team members who have adopted the principle of continuous improvement and results in a competitive environment is an important part of the most important resource and strategy for polyurethane.

  1. It expects all its colleagues to think and act as partners and to demonstrate the ability to create economic added value for shareholders and all other stakeholders.
  2. A salary and bonus policy that is directly proportional to the company’s performance is carried out in a transparent manner that will be understood by all team members.
  3. Provides the necessary opportunities for the rewarding and development of our high-performing, honest, hard-working, affiliated, professional principles and responsibilities,
  4. At the heart of business strategies is trust in leaders who own, drive, and claim results. This trust aims to create a strong and difficult to imitate competitive advantage with teams working together for many years,
  5. To organize social, cultural and educational activities in order to develop awareness of being a great team and believe in the importance of internal communication,
  6. It takes necessary measures and performs activities to ensure the sustainability of occupational health and safety and environmental awareness.


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