Baymel sells PU systems that are used in footwear by gathering its broad range of products under the brand BAYFOOT.

In footwear industry around the world Polyurethane’s consumption has increased and is overtaking the places of prior leader industrial products’ places (PVC,EVA,etc.) because of its abrasion resistance, bending resistance, flexibility, lightness and simple application.

Baymel offers products that are in a variety of physical properties that range from a density of 25 to a density of 60 for differing application according to customer requests and variation of machines (moulding or direct injections).

The products split up into 3 groups:

  1. Polyol
  2. Prepolymer
  3. Catalyser

Boot Systems

It is the product group that’s based on single or double density polyurethanes. It has resistance to antibacterial acid or hydrolysis if requested. Its resistance to friction and flexibility is advanced.

Work Safety Footwear Systems

Our product which is advanced in hydrolysis resistance and antistatic resistance.

Sole Systems

1. Midsole
2. Compact Sole
3. Wood Resembling Sole
4. Compacts Suitable for Summer,Winter,Spring

Systems for Slippers

1. Low Density Hard Sole CAT BLUE (25 density)
2. Low Density Soft Sole CAT SOFT (27 density)
3. Original Slippers System (27-30 density)

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