Polyurethane Systems that have a main intended purpose of usage in isolation. These systems that have varying densities and consume a variation of inflator gases can be worked in different reaction profiles and under different process conditions.

A mixture of Polyol System and Polymeric Isocyanate (PMDI) forms a hard foam by expanding when an inflator is added. 90%-92% of the foam cells are closed and hard. They are good heat insulators. That’s why the Rigid Systems are the best heat insulating systems that are used in the world currently.

Because of its great properties such as its lambda value, cell size, closed cell size, compressive strength, dimensional stability and degree of incombustibility, it is a raw material which’s consumption increases rapidly.

Industrial and home type refrigerators

Cold Room Panel Systems

Sandwich Panel Systems

Reefer an modular cabin systems

Solar Panels and Solar Energy Systems

Wood Resembling and Furniture Decorative Systems

Roller Shutter Door and Garage Door Systems

Pipe Insulation Systems

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